Nobopran Andolon

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Nobopran Andolon

Nobopran Andolon is a cultural movement in Bangladesh that reclaims popular philosphical discourses often known as Bhokti-Sufi-Boyati traditions. These cultural and oral knowledge practices  has been ceaselessly challenging various forms of hierarchical oppression such as caste, class and patriarchy. These movements are generally grounded upon the philosophy of love, care and responsibility to others and oppose all forms of violence and oppression. Through poetry, music and theatrical performance Bhokti-Sufi-Boyati traditions  play powerful role in defining the meaning of community and community relations till today.

UBINIG's interest in people's own narratives by which they explain the reality they face on a daily basis in life struggles initially inspired to engage with various popular cultural movements.   Such discourses are practiced in a dominantly oral culture and unique only to the people of the riverine delta that includes the greater eastern part of the Indian subcontinent. For various historical reasons the movment is still strong and pronounced in Bangladesh. However, these trends with multiple voices and non conflictual plural philosophical positions are often wrongly reduced into a monolithic script and routinely tagged  as a 'bauls', 'mystic', 'wanderers', etc., that undermines their potential role in challenging prevalent notion of linear progress and despiritualised 'development'. 

Nobapran Andolon works closely wth Nayakrishi Andolon, the biodiversity-based ecological movement.





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