Chira: Flattened and Fried Red Rice (লাল চিড়া)

Lal chira is an exquisite flattened and fried red rice cereals of Bangladesh, of a rare rice variety and especially available from Nayakrishi organic farmers who have reintroduced some of the lost varieties in recent years.

Lal Chira (লাল চিড়া) is an excellent breakfast meal. Rinse with hot water, wait for few minutes allowing the pressed rice to swell up, add hot or cold milk and sugar and you are ready. However, if you like the Bangla way add yogurt and molasses, instead of milk; you can use sugar, honey or any sweetener if you are not using sweet yogurt, or simply add banana or fruits you like. We suggest using ADDA's excellent yogurt with pure molasses. For honey lovers, you could use Shashyaprabartana’s pure and natural honey collected directly from Sundarban.

Bnagla tradition is to use sour pure yogurt with traditionally processed akher gur, molasses from sugarcanes and during winter khejurer gur , pure palm juice molasses. Both you could get from Shashyaprabartana specially made by Nayakrishi farmers from sugar canes and date palm trees. Winter is knocking and soon khejurer gur will lso be available from Shashyaprabartana.

If you are indeed conscious of what you consume and seriously avoiding consumption of unhealthy imported cereals, begin your day with lal chira, doi and molasses (লাল চিড়া, দই আর গুড়) for a fresh, delightful, healthy and nutritious breakfast.


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