Bt. Brinjal: Forced cultivation and poor performance!

Area monitored: Pabna Sadar, Ataikulla and Ishwardi upazilas of Pabna district

Farmer Rahmat Ali, of the first batch farmer could not reap any benefit, so he refused to take new saplings. Yet he heard that the list includes his name along with three new farmers from his village. He was being asked again and again to take the saplings. Another farmer, Amjat Hossain from Pabna Sadar said, he might try in 5 decimal land if they give compensation for the loss incurred last time.

According to information collected on 12 March, 2015, Rahmat Ali mentioned, “seedlings were distributed among 4 farmers including: 1. Alim 2. Ukil Khan (Father-in-Law of Amjat Hosain of Pushpa para), 3. Mahtab and 4. Rahmat Ali. He regretted for his ability initially, but was compelled to do because of repeated requests. This year also the crop is not good. He said, “Please come and see.”

Amjat Hossain and his eldest son mentioned that they have not grown this year because of poor crop last season. Amjat Hossain further mentioned “my father-in-Law, Ukil Khan has grown this year. The crop condition appears as was last season. However, there are more flowers but yield is very poor. The plants have burnt appearance. The farmers will incur heavy loss this year also. The seedlings were distributed in the first week of January.

Peyara Amjad said, “seedlings were given in January. It is better this year than last year. This year the color of brinjal is green, last year it was white. There was restriction in saving seed last year, but this year it is allowed. I will raise seedlings this year. I have not yet been able to sell.

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