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Seed & Crop Damages of Flood 2017 in Delduar

Flooding, first started in the northern bioregions of Bangladesh and gradually affected the middle sections, submerged more than a third of the low-lying country during July to September, 2017; it took away at least 132 lives and affected more than 7.5 million people. Crops on more than 10,000 hectares (24,711 acres) of land have been washed away while another 600,000 hectares (1,482,632 acres) of farms have been damaged.

Besides damages to houses, schools, roads and other infrastructures, the loss of crops particularly the main paddy season of Aman was significant. Crops on 6.11 lakh (61 million) hectares of land were damaged by f (Read More)

Flood: Hat-bazar in Tangail

Flood affected 52,000 people in 58 villages, 8 unions of Delduar Upazila in 2017. Flood water entered quickly in the villages from the Dhaleshway river, and its innumerable tributaries. In addition there was heavy rain. The farmers could not anticipate anything about the un-expected heavy rain and the flood. Elashin, Dewli and Lauhati unions are closely covered by the rivers. Flood water entered into other villages and unions.

The farmers of Delduar upazila are not only self contained in food grains but also they supply the surplus to Dhaka and other districts around. The crops in the field have been affected by the flood, likewise (Read More)

Flood, Sonatoni Charland of Jamuna, Shahjadpur

Natural Calamity is their regular companion; whenever there is a slight ray of hope, there is also a dark cloud nearby, this is the scenario of the people of 13 villages of Sonatoni union, living in the middle of Jamuna river, Shahjadpur Upizala of Sirajgonj district. Flood drought, dark fog are regular phenomenon year after year, causing huge loss of crops. Rarely any government service is available here. The local farmers have been facing these calamities and experimenting approaches and agricultural practices for facing the disasters with their own wisdom.

This year flood water started rising during late April and early May. Hea (Read More)

Relief and Reconstruction work after repeated floods in Chakaria, Cox’sbazar

Supported by PWRDF

Since June 2015, there have been three consecutive floods with heavy rainfalls within 3 month period that has disrupted the normal life of people in Chakaria (Cox’sbazar) and Lama and AliKadam of Bandarban. People were marooned and road communications with other districts were disrupted. It was not possible for anyone to go from Dhaka to help them as the road communication was badly damaged. The only support could be by sending money so that they can buy food items and cylinder gas to cook food. According to our Chakaria centre staff, they did not see th (Read More)