Nayakrishi Andolon

Nayakrishi Seed Network; Seed and Genetic Resource Conservation

The Nayakrishi Andolon (New Agricultural Movement) of Bangladesh is a movement for biodiversity-based ecological agriculture. It is based on simple principles like no use of pesticides and chemicals, no external input of fertilizers, composting and improved soil management and practice of mixed cropping and crop rotation for pest management and risk reduction. Mixed cropping is also crucial to increase productivity through management and production of biodiversity. Shifting away from the narrow accounting of quantitative yield of a single monoculture crop to measuring the systemic value of the total performance of a farm, is the key to the economic success of the Nayakrishi Andolon. The central approach of the initiative squarely lies in the conservation, management and use of local seeds and genetic resources and adopting and improving production techniques suitable for the ecological and environmental conditions based on farmer's knowledge systems. Thus hundreds of local varieties (Read More)