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Economics of Producing Multiple Rabi Crops by Substituting Tobacco in Bangladesh A Case Study

UBINIG || Friday 20 November 2015 || বিষয়: Tobacco UBINIG Research Abstract The study was undertaken to investigate the economics of producing multiple rabi crops combination (multiple cropping) by substi  (Read This Article)


Recent Event

March Against Monsanto 2017

Farmers say NO to Bt Brinjal Over 500 Farmers from 18 villages in Delduar Upazilla in Tangail and Atghoria Upazilla in Pabna in two separate events held today (20 May, 2017) at 10 am. In Tangail it was held in Silimpur Bazar, Pathrail (Read This Article)



Victims of Jarda, Sadapata and Gul: Case Study-based information on health hazards

It is well-recognized fact through various public health research works, although insufficient, that smokeless tobacco consumption cause certain health hazards. Some smokeless tobacco products, such as Jarda and Sadapata are consumed with betel leaves, known as paan, along with lime and betel nut  (Read This Article)



No Beginning No End: Celebrating the Cyclical Return of Time, Chaitra Songkranti 1425

30 Chaitra, 1425 (13 April, 2019) YOU ARE ALL CORDIALLY INVITED. Organized by Nayakrishi Andolon, Nabapran Andolon, Beez Bistar Foundation and UBINIG. T A N G A I L Celebrations, On 30th Chaitra, 1425 (13th April, 2019) special meals with shaks will be prepared by farmers, and e (Read This Article)


Enviornment & Ecology

Beijing Plus 20 Review: Incoherence in Women and Environment Link!

Policy making in a country like Bangladesh is not an easy task, a meaningful policy position is impossible without serious efforts from the policy makers to involve stakeholders; secondly, it is necessery to involve various groups and organisation active through empirical reserach or programmes t  (Read This Article)


Biodiversity , Knowledge and Culture

Crop variability in Mamudpur Village: richness and diversity

Four Cell Analyses: richness, evenness of biodiversity- Participatory research for estimation of the state of biodiversity of a particular geographical location. A discussion meeting involving some farmers of Mamudpur and other villages was organized on 16 June, 2019. Participating (Read This Article)


GMOs & Genetic Engineerings

Deceptive IRRI strategy to get Golden Rice approved

ON MARCH 7, 2019 the director general of the International Rice Research Institute, Dr Matthew Morell visited Bangladesh Rice Research Institute. He discussed with the director general Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir on ways and means to strengthen collaboration on some frontier technologies and projects s  (Read This Article)


Women's Issues

Goats, Women and International Women’s Day

On the international women’s day, I would like to talk about goats and climate change and will argue why these issues are fundamental for women’s movement as an international concern. This is very important to bring our senses back and ground them on real and concrete life experiences (Read This Article)


Food Sovereignty

Btbrinjal & Corporate Politics

Comments on IFPRI Study Report published in a national daily

Dhaka Tribune, a Bangladeshi daily, published a report by Reaz Ahmed on IFPRI ‘s Btbrinjal study on March 7th, 2019: “5 (Read This Article)


Climate Change

New Reproductive Technologies

Commercialisation of women's infertility

Nobel Prize for IVF or dehumanizing technology? Robert G. Edwards is awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for physiology/ medicine for the development of human in vitro fertiliz (Read This Article)



Struggle Conserving Local Rice Varieties

 In the month of Agrahayan, the eighth month of Bengali calendar, (early December) over 500 Nayakrishi farmers from 19 districts got together in Tangail to exhibit  (Read This Article)


Trafficking & Migration

Trafficking & Threat of US Sanctions

Trafficking & Free Movement of Labour: Bangladesh on Tier 2 Watch list! Bangladesh is placed on Tier 2 Watch List, according to the 9th Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) 2009 published by the Department of State of the (Read This Article)


Health & Health Policy

Health is Constructing Buildings and Recruiting Cadres ?

Budgeting Health 2010 - 11 The Budget speech by the Finance Minister, Abul Maal Abdul Muhith, on 10th June, 2010, touched upon Health and Family Welfare in the 139th paragraph; it clearly indicates health sector  (Read This Article)


Maternal & Child Health

Maternal and child health care: Daighors & strategic services

Context of maternal health Reduction of maternal mortality rate is one of the most important health goals of the government of Bangladesh. The present rate of maternal mortality is 194 per 100,000 live births showing that Bangladesh cou (Read This Article)