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Bangladesh: Community Seed Wealth Centers and stress-tolerant crop varieties

Brief history and functions of community seedbanks In the late 1980’s, small-scale farmers practicing monoculture and chemical-based agriculture experienced loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation. The costs of producti  (Read This Article)


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Covid-19 Bangladesh

Support to the families affected by ongoing lockdown amid COVID-19 pandemic in Bangladesh

REPORT IntroductionBangladesh is now in the 17th position in terms of COVID positive cases detected so far (22 June) with 115,786 confirmed cases and 1502 deaths [WHO, Bangladesh Situation Report #17]. Since March 8, when first three COVID-19 cas (Read This Article)




 Grown in Bangladesh in north Bengal (along the Teesta river banks) and other districts: 19960 acres (17%) of total cultivation. 12177 mt. tons (14%) of total tobacco leaf production. 12177 mt. tons (14%) of total t  (Read This Article)



No Beginning No End: Celebrating the Cyclical Return of Time, Chaitra Songkranti 1425

30 Chaitra, 1425 (13 April, 2019) YOU ARE ALL CORDIALLY INVITED. Organized by Nayakrishi Andolon, Nabapran Andolon, Beez Bistar Foundation and UBINIG. T A N G A I L Celebrations, On 30th Chaitra, 1425 (13th April, 2019) special meals with shaks will be prepared by farmers, and e (Read This Article)


Enviornment & Ecology

Replacing urea fertilizer with friendly alternatives

Bangladesh has achieved a significant success in food grain production in the recent past which has made the country self sufficient in food grain. Bangladesh was food deficit prior to 1971, the year of indepence and continued to be so for long afterwards. However, the country is now self-suffici  (Read This Article)


Biodiversity , Knowledge and Culture

Rice Diversity and Food Festival

As seeds play a pivotal role in maintaining biodiversity in our ecology, Nayakrishi farmers’ movement has been emphasizing its role in preserving diversity of seeds through the Community Seed Wealth Centers. Farmers use diverse variety of seeds, particularly of rice, in the daily lives as w (Read This Article)


GMOs & Genetic Engineerings

Deceptive IRRI strategy to get Golden Rice approved

ON MARCH 7, 2019 the director general of the International Rice Research Institute, Dr Matthew Morell visited Bangladesh Rice Research Institute. He discussed with the director general Dr Md Shahjahan Kabir on ways and means to strengthen collaboration on some frontier technologies and projects s  (Read This Article)


Women's Issues

Goats, Women and International Women’s Day

On the international women’s day, I would like to talk about goats and climate change and will argue why these issues are fundamental for women’s movement as an international concern. This is very important to bring our senses back and ground them on real and concrete life experiences (Read This Article)


Food Sovereignty

Organized Training Workshop on Participatory Plant Breeding

A training workshop on Participatory Plant Breeding (PPB) for food Sovereignty and sustainable Agriculture was jointly organized by UBINIG (Policy research for Development Alternative) and PBGSB (Plant Breeding and Genetics society of Bangladesh) at Bangladesh Jute research Institute (BJRI), Mani  (Read This Article)


Btbrinjal & Corporate Politics

Bt Brinjal Story: Bangladesh Resisting Monsanto

Monsanto in Bangladesh Monsanto is not new in Bangladesh. The company has been actively selling RoundUp Ready in the Tea Gardens as Glyphosate herbicide for over two decades. Tea Gardens are located in remote areas in the north eastern (Read This Article)


Climate Change

Local rice varieties are relatively tolerant to cyclone

Zianagar Upazila, Pirojpur Dtitrict (Rice) Rice growing areas at Zianagar upazila can be categorized into high and los lands. Low land areas occupy about 85 percent and high land about 15 percent. Local varieties of rice are grown in m  (Read This Article)


New Reproductive Technologies

Commercialisation of women's infertility

Nobel Prize for IVF or dehumanizing technology? Robert G. Edwards is awarded the 2010 Nobel Prize for physiology/ medicine for the development of human in vitro fertiliz (Read This Article)



Cultivation of aman rice: second attempt to maintain seed

Most of the fields of aman rice were submerged due to flood in Delduar upazila, Tangail district. Not only the local variety but also High Yielding Varieties (HYV) including BR 11, BINA 7 and BRRI dhan 49 were also damaged. Even then the farmers did not lag behind. The farmers had again transplan  (Read This Article)


Trafficking & Migration

Trafficking & Threat of US Sanctions

Trafficking & Free Movement of Labour: Bangladesh on Tier 2 Watch list! Bangladesh is placed on Tier 2 Watch List, according to the 9th Trafficking in Persons Report (TIP) 2009 published by the Department of State of the (Read This Article)


Health & Health Policy

COVID 19 Pandemic and Denial of Healthcare

In a country where health care facilities are already inadequate, how can the government and private hospitals are shutting down their medical services? A largely unnoticed, undeclared and sinister shut down of outdoor, indoor and emergency services raises serious questions about the right to hea  (Read This Article)


Maternal & Child Health

Maternal and child health care: Daighors & strategic services

Context of maternal health Reduction of maternal mortality rate is one of the most important health goals of the government of Bangladesh. The present rate of maternal mortality is 194 per 100,000 live births showing that Bangladesh cou (Read This Article)


Chatka, Bamboo Binding

Bamboo binding (Chatka) in Sirajganj: River Erosion vulnerabilities

In addition to the normal and abnormal floods, many char areas suffer from river bank erosion. The flat delta lands of Bangladesh offer little resistance to the hydraulic forces of its rivers, particularly during periods of high flow. As a consequence, in many regions rivers such as the Jamuna ru  (Read This Article)


River & Floods

Seed & Crop Damages of Flood 2017 in Delduar

Flooding, first started in the northern bioregions of Bangladesh and gradually affected the middle sections, submerged more than a third of the low-lying country during July to September, 2017; it took away at least 132 lives and affected more than 7.5 million people. Crops on more than 10,000 he (Read This Article)


Nayakrishi Andolon

Bangladesh: Community Seed Wealth Centers and stress-tolerant crop varieties

Brief history and functions of community seedbanks In the late 1980’s, small-scale farmers practicing monoculture and chemical-based agriculture experienced loss of biodiversity and environmental degradation. The costs of producti  (Read This Article)


Mangrove and Coastal Region

Protection of Mangrove forest

Badarkhali Union of Chokoria Upazila, Cox,sbazar district is located in between the Matamohuri river and the Maheskhali channel. This union is prone to cyclone and tidal surge. Heavy damage to life and property had happened due to the cyclone in 1991. Badarkhali Union is a part of the recently er (Read This Article)