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Tobacco ruins soil and water along Matamuhuri River, Bangladesh

Tobacco cultivation in Bangladesh has always been river-based to exploit the fertile soil. Tobacco, mostly Flue Cured Virginia (FCV) and Barley variety, is a company sponsored crop grown since the last five decades. According to official data for 2016, tobacco is grown on 46,472 hectares of land,  (Read This Article)


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March Against Monsanto 2017

Farmers say NO to Bt Brinjal Over 500 Farmers from 18 villages in Delduar Upazilla in Tangail and Atghoria Upazilla in Pabna in two separate events held today (20 May, 2017) at 10 am. In Tangail it was held in Silimpur Bazar, Pathrail (Read This Article)