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Construction of Bamboo Binding -Resisting River Erosion

Location: Bantiar, Sonatoni, Shahjadpur, Sirajganj

Project: Nayakrishi farmers effort to combat disaster (river erosion, flood, drought and water logging) in the context of climate change and natural calamities.

The work for construction of bamboo binding was initiated on 27 May, 2021 after a series of discussions involving farmers, teachers, UP members and traders on natural calamities and river erosion. Every year the farmers in these char lands, have to face natural calamities and river erosion.

For many years, UBINIG with support from Primate’s World Relie (Read More)

Bamboo binding (Chatka) in Sirajganj: River Erosion vulnerabilities

In addition to the normal and abnormal floods, many char areas suffer from river bank erosion. The flat delta lands of Bangladesh offer little resistance to the hydraulic forces of its rivers, particularly during periods of high flow. As a consequence, in many regions rivers such as the Jamuna run wide rather than deep: easily 10 km wide at places during high water, yet rarely in channels with sides deeper than two or three meters.

At least five million people in 20% of Bangladesh’s Upazilla (local administrative regions) are at risk of losing land—home and village—from riverbank erosion at any one time. Among them (Read More)

Chatka (bamboo binding) on Jamuna river saved crops and livelihood

People in Sonatoni and Ghorjan union of Sirajganj district have been living on the bank of Jamuna River and facing continuous threat of river erosion causing cultivable land and household disappearing. Since 2010, the people have used local technology of Chatka – the bamboo binding to redirect the water flow of Jamuna River and hinder river erosion. (also see www.cbmsouthasia.net/2011/08/26/bangladesh-bamboo-binding-on-jamuna-river/)

Acknowledging the local knowledge of controlling river erosion by redirecting the water flow of Jamuna river, Chatka or bamboo binding was constructed on the north western corner of the kheya gha (Read More)

Chatka: Community Ingenuity Checking River Erosion

Chatka is made from bamboos to tame river, an effective but simple indigenous innovation of the local community to reduce river erosion that also helps in reclaiming land. The bamboo binding resists soil erosion, turn silt, deposit soil formation and helps accretion of land. 

The farmers of Sonat (Read More)