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Protection of Mangrove forest

Badarkhali Union of Chokoria Upazila, Cox,sbazar district is located in between the Matamohuri river and the Maheskhali channel. This union is prone to cyclone and tidal surge. Heavy damage to life and property had happened due to the cyclone in 1991. Badarkhali Union is a part of the recently eroded Chokoria Sundarbon. Chokoria Sundarbon was a natural flora and fauna and was the support for long chain of animal life, fisheries, important food source of birds and other mammals. Mangrove forest is unique in its abilities to store a wide range of nutrients and plays important role in nutrient re-cycling. But complete destruction of Chokoria (Read More)

Planting 600,000 Saplings of Mangrove in Chakaria Sunderbans on the Eastern Bank of Moheshkhali Channel

Six hundred thousand saplings of Keora (Sonneratia apetala) and Bain (Avicenia officianalis)

were planted on more than two kilometers area extending from Badarkhali bridge to Lambakhali, the newly accreted charland since 3 September, 2019. These included 4 lakhs saplings of bain (66.66 percent) and 2 lakhs saplings (33.33 percent) of keora. Twenty six Local skilled workers worked on 3–5 September, 2019 for planting the saplings in the Chakaria Sundarbans on the eastern bank of Moheshkhali channel..

Another batch of 6 skilled workers had pruned the small branches of the saplings and fixed those cut branches around the sa (Read More)