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Peter Daye: Mismatch of wage and food

The common and poor people use a very common helpless (Bangla) phrase ‘peter daye’. They work with low wages, long hours, in bad working conditions and face human rights violations, gender discrimination, harassment, less food for hungry stomachs with hardly any nutrition etc yet they work for whatever wage or salary they get. Why?

The expression peter daye denotes the obligation to respond to the structural violence of economic policy that force the hungry to sell labour to capital. This is classical violent structure of primitive accumulation, without which it is not possible to violently impose free market in the agra (Read More)

Financial Crisis led Garment Workers to work harder but less food to eat

South Asia Regional Workshop on Global Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Women: A Human Rights Perspective.

Bangladesh: country perspective on the impact of the current crisis on women, their livelihoods and human rights

Bangladesh Economy in the face of global crisis

In Bangladesh, any change in the global economic situation is felt almost directly. The years from 2007 to 2009 have been very difficult because of the effects of global financial crisis on the local economies in countries like Bang (Read More)

Beauty's death and the situation of Garment workers

The socio-economic conditions of our country have made female labor very cheap to obtain. And therefore there is an overwhelming presence of women workers in the garments sector of our industry. There are more than 4,500 garments factories comparing to that of handful in the 1980’s. There are about 3 million workers working in this sector alone; of them 95% are female workers. Their hard labor brings in the much needed foreign currencies. The remunerations that are awarded to the workers are highly incompatible compared to the hard labor they put in every day. They are forced to live a life faced with extreme hardship. Therfore, mise (Read More)