Nayakrishi Andolon

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About Nayakrishi Andolon

Nayakrishi Andolon, literally means New Agricultural Movement led by farming communities, is an innovative practice of biodiversity-based ecological agriculture. The immediate goal is to resist the economic and technological processes that is turning the earth into barren fields and industrial deserts. At the community level the goal is to innovate straetegies of survival by attaining seed and food sovereignty co-creating with nature life-affirming environment, ecology and the rich genetic base of Bangladesh. Understanding farming as engaging sensuously with nature and submission of our faculties to the joyful metabolic process between human beings and external world is known in Nayakrishi as 'Shohoj' ways to 'Ananda'. Nayakrishi dissolves the barrier between abstract knolwedge and actual living and highlights the joy of life.

Instant benefit Nayakrishi provides is safe, healthy and nutritious organic food for all. By developing local community strategies to encounter climate change disaster Nayakrishi resist  The farmers also demonstrate by practice the validity and authenticity of experiential wisdom and ways to bridge the gap between formal and informal knowledge.

Beginning in 1990 with support and inspiration from UBINIG (Policy Reserach for Development Alternative), Nayakrishi farmers developed farming practices that contribute and consolidate ecological and bio-geographical foundation of agriculture ensuring increased yield from per acre of land. Progressing from simple to complex agroecological systems of farming households and villages capable to engage in social exchange and economic acutivities in order to deal with poverty and marginalisation Nayakrsihi demonstrates the urgent need to shift from economic to ecological notion of community development  Emphasis is on the biodiversity-based life activities and developing an operational notion of 'ecosystem', to maximize the potential of various natural resources, cycles and processes. Nayakrishi transforms toxic and damaged landscapes into thriving, nourishing and fertile places.

Nayakrishi Andolon promotes life-affirming activities, is a movement to change destructive and predatory ideas and practices in order to create the possibility for creative and joyful life, livelihood and lifestyles.

The biodiversity and genetic resources is a major area of work of Nayakrishi. The farming practice is based on ten principles adopted by farmers themselves. Over 300,000 farming families in 19 districts are involved in Nayakrishi Andolon.

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Ten Rules of Nayakrishi

Farming practice of Nayakrishi Andolon follows various operational principles articulated as rules to be followed. These Rules are summarised in 10 statements adopted by the farmers themselves, mirroring 10 fingers of their hands. They are developed through day to day experience and discussions. This page details these Rules indicating, where necessery the ground principles.

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Nayakrishi Seed Network

For thousands of years farmers of Bangladesh selected, collected, coltivated and regenerated seeds and gentic resources and developed the superb art of biodiversity conservation that ensured at least 15,000 of rice varieties in our field. Nayakrishi retains and practices those art of seed conservation and maintains at least 2000 varities of rice through Nayakrishi Seed Network

The Nayakrishi Seed Network (NSN), a network of primarily of women,  collect, conserves, regenerate seeds and genetic resources among Nayakrishi farming families as well as other farmers interested in healthy indigenous seeds.  The network is organised around the the experienced farming families turning  households into focal points for in-situ and ex-situ conservation. Farmers maintain diversity in the field, as well as conserve seed in their homes to be replanted in the coming seasons.

Seed conservation is an art particularly belonging to women, and is the key element in building up a national seed network. Through seed preservation in the hands of women, an excellent relationship is developed between and among men and women, ensuring command and power of women in agricultural production system. The sharing and exchanging seeds betwwen farming household creates conditions to keep the community remain bonded with each other.

Nayakrishi believes that sharing brings better luck and seed exchange is fundamental for enhancing diversity and farmer's innovation.

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Stories of Nayakrishi Farmers

Farmer Storie

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Nayakrishi Village

Profile of Nayakrishi Village

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